• Ego

    I’d take all of this armour off

    Show you the real me 

    Only if I knew I could raise my guard

    Before I see myself

  • Slow Down

    Don’t hurry

    It will take you

    Twice as long

    If you decide 

    To turn around 

  • Stuck

    If the floor could talk

    They’d ask why I pace

    The walls would say

    It’s because he’s stuck inside

  • Someday

    See you soon, you said 

    I blindly believed that was true

    But what would’ve changed

    If I knew that wouldn’t happen

  • Dandelion

    Bright like the sun

    She’s everywhere

    Always growing

    My little dandelion

  • Us

    I am tied up in you

    There’s no me

    If you aren’t you

  • Stuck

    It must be lovely

    Inside my mind

    Otherwise why don’t I leave?

  • Almost Perfect

    The sun is setting

    And the temperature’s just right

    The wind is dancing across the grass

    Igniting the smell of spring

    So quiet I can hear myself think

    It’s almost perfect

    But you’ll never know

  • Onwards

    I know where I’m going

    I’m not sure who I’ll be when I get there

  • Drew

    A ball of energy

    Slowly fades in my arms

    Everything becomes heavy

    The faintest movement from your breath

    As I lay you down once again

    In the morning your energy will return

  • Basketball

    Why doesn’t it hurt her as much as me?

    When Giannis shoots an airball three.

  • Home

    A house is not a home. 

    My home is not my house. 

    It’s not what, it’s who. 

    My home is you.